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7 Mistakes Marketing Managers Make When Selecting a SEO Vendor

The role of marketing managers in a particular company is really tough and a lot of pressure is on their shoulders in terms of marketing strategy application. The sales greatly depend on their skills and intelligence on how they will manage to attract the potential customers or clients to buy their products or avail their services. Nowadays, the approach in marketing strategies has rapidly changed.

One of the most popular methods in marketing strategy in this era is the online marketing. The applications of the internet, social network, blogging, SEO or content marketing are the most viable and effective option for every company out there regardless of their size and influence.

Marketing managers utilize the above mentioned modern marketing approach to boost their sales by attracting more traffic on their hub in order for them to promote their products or services. Since most of them don’t have the knowledge to do the job, the necessity to hire a third party SEO vendor or service provider is totally required. However, how sure that they’re going to hire the perfect SEO vendor as their partner that will deliver quality result, or perhaps will lead them to their promotion? Well… chances are they may do it or not. So here, you can get some information about the common mistakes marketing managers make when selecting a SEO vendor:

1. Hiring a Black Hat SEO Vendor

Not all of the SEO service providers out there can make your website appear on the first page of Google. Some of them can even harm you rather than giving you what you want. There are SEO companies that use a bad technique in optimizing your website on search robots. The best thing to avoid this is to hire a reputable SEO service provider by asking them more question about their company and their services.

2. Massive site submissions to a lot of search engines

If the SEO vendor tells you that they are going to submit your site to hundreds of search engines, don’t believe them. It won’t bring any changes at all when it comes to your website ranking. There are only few reputable search robots that can give you free traffic and the rest can’t do anything about the free traffic that you are dreaming of.

3. Believing in the promise of guaranteed rankings

In the world today where almost everything is version 2.0, it’s hard for the SEO vendors to give you a hundred percent guarantee that your site will be on top of Google’s first page. Keep in mind that the result of your SEO campaign has a lot of factor to consider and not only the keywords you want to highlight in the search. Your target market is also a factor so how can they promise such things?

4. Believing in Magic

This mistake is when the SEO company tells a manager that they’ve got the magic formula to give them millions of free traffic. A formula that will get their company’s site on the first page. Well… this is a no-no. On the first place, try typing “SEO” on Google – Did their SEO company rank first on the search engine? In most cases they are not.

5. Going for a Massive Backlinks offer

Don’t just go for a service provider that will promise you to do the trick by backlinks building. This is not a good idea and worse you might be penalized by the search engine for this act.

6. Prioritizing the cost of the service rather than the quality

If the marketing manager will go for a cheaper SEO, he or she must think twice. Probably, there is something wrong. In SEO it’s just right to be paid for what you’ve done and SEO is not as easy as a piece of cake. Meaning, if the service provider will give you high quality output, they will also ask for a high quality amount, isn’t it?

7. Not considering the quality of content

Nowadays, SEO has evolved already in terms of rules. It’s not just a matter of using the right keyword but a good and quality content is also necessary. There are SEO vendors that will make content and just insert the keywords even if it doesn’t make any sense when you read the article.

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