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How to Approach the Recent Google Updates and Rank Better in 2015

How to Approach the Recent Google Updates and Rank Better in 2015

Do you know that every year, Google actually changes the search algorithm that it uses for around 500 to 600 times? But out of these changes, most of them are only minor but there are occasional major algorithmic updates that are being rolled out every now and then by the major search engine, including the famous (or infamous for some) Google Panda and Google Penguin which have significant effects on the search results.

For me, I find it very important that I know the dates of the different Google updates and that’s why I was thankful that I found a very concise but useful list of all the changes that happened to Google in http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change. Going through the list, I must say that Google really did several notable changes in as early as the year 2000.

But right now, what concerns me most is the fact that with 2015 just around the corner, any internet marketer in a sane mind knows that he should start gearing up his website to make sure that it will stay on top of the game even with all the recent changes in Google Algorithm.

Just recently, Google has finally unleashed their Panda 4.0 that serves as the latest update to their well known filter that has successfully flushed out low quality content from the search engine. The main objective of Panda is to get rid of spammy, thin and low quality content from the rankings in order for users to get only the highest quality of results that they make. It was back in February 2011 when Panda was initially released and since then, it has gone through several updates, with Panda 4.0 being the biggest one that affected around 7% of search queries.

After the release of Panda 4.0 has been announced, you can just imagine how the search world turned into a swarm of busy bees tying to get their hands on what this latest update was all about. Considering that Panda updates are always done every month but there was no particular announcement regarding this particular update, everyone knew right away that this will be a major overhaul.

And just after a few days, it has become evident that some websites have been gravely affected, losing around 80% of the organic results. Based on the post of Search Engine Land regarding the losers and winners in this update, Ask.com and eBay are the “biggest losers,” which was not really a big surprise considering that eBay has plenty of doorway pages that do not have any content and are only used for leading readers to pages for products.

With all these changes, all I can say that it is probably high time that business marketers and website owners finally get to realize once and for all that the phrase “Content is king” still remains applicable in this day and age.

It seems to me that a lot of people have set aside this phrase as purely cliché and something that will no longer apply this 2014 and in the coming year 2015. But right now, if you are concerned with how your website will thrive in 2015 that is undeniably only a few months away, it is definitely a must that you know some simple but truly useful and effective tips that will help you beat Panda 4.0 and emerge as a victorious web marketer.

Practice Professional But Natural Way of Writing

Google loves content that has been written in the most natural way but still maintaining the appropriate authoritative tone. It only goes to say that you have to sound authentic and conversational at the same time to your readers or else, your website will end up untouched and unvisited.

But when you say friendly kind of writing, it does not mean that you already need to do away with the right sense of professionalism. Remember that it still important for you to proofread every work you make before publishing it. Grammar errors and typos are a big no-no. While your friends might not judge your laziness, Google as well as your potential clients are going to be instantly turned off by these mishaps.

Know Your Topics

While no one will stop you from writing about different topics, writing about a topic that you have never heard of can tarnish your credibility with all the interpretive or factual errors that you can possibly commit. As much as possible, try to stick to those topics that you are well versed with for this will exude your expertise and knowledge about the subject being discussed. And in the event that you really need to write about something that you are not completely sure about, allot sufficient time to research and go through your notes.

Forget About Keyword Stuffing

For the longest time, keyword stuffing has been considered as Google’s major “Red Flag” as far as spam is concerned. While your keywords can help your site get noticed, using them excessively will compromise your content and might even cause you some ranking penalties from the search engine.

This 2015, you might as well continue with the latest trend among different websites wherein they no longer focus on a certain keyword for their content and use a few related keywords instead. Same with the natural way of writing, it is also important that you use your keywords as naturally as possible without breaking up the sensible flow of your content.

Be Unique

Uniqueness is the one thing that Panda 4.0 definitely loves the most as this is the new form of sexy in the search engine today. Setting yourself apart from your rivals will boost your rankings and at the same time, this will also help searchers when they pick you over your competitors. Use a unique voice and protect it at all costs for this will also help protect your brand throughout the process.

More changes are definitely bound to come our way as revealed in https://fabiopeck.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/what-to-expect-in-seo-in-2014-2015-report/ but with these simple tips, you can at least be sure that you can still conquer these changes and become the best in your field!


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