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What to Expect in SEO in 2014 – 2015 Report (Download Link)

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The report comes full circle to the introduction, briefly summarizing the initial possibilities that can come from harnessing data, and suggesting ways to put a positive spin on this new need to deal with a wealth of information.


❏ Digital marketing executives now have to deal with data, and cannot use programs
to keep track of their marketing campaigns
❏ Multi-Channel Attribution is STILL a hot topic
❏ Difficulty is expressed keeping track of a singular customer as she travels
through multiple channels, on and offline, up until conversion
❏ Guardians of company data (IT) are not market driven, and have little interest
in driving sales. Further, they are known to be reluctant to relinquish
control over the data, understanding its power.


❏ SEOS who can code, offer “business intelligence” services, or analytics experience, (or all
three!) will be sure to have the upper hand.
❏ The field of “SEO” will be more difficult to manipulate, or “game the system” as
search engines create algorithms that are more intelligent at producing relevant
results to a user’s query.
❏ Businesses AND SEOs need to realize that they can’t just focus on SERP rank
anymore. Other factors are crucial: freshness, authorrank, keywords used
strategically in the meta description, and meta description copy can all be deal-breakers as to where a user will click on the first SERP.
❏ Third party reviews, citations, social media, and engagement will affect a site’s
reputation as well, as customers engage in price shopping and information-seeking search queries to compare potential businesses they would like to work with or purchase from.

The rest of this report is meant to inform SEOs what to expect in the year to come.

Download Report

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