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Why a Business Must Have a Website

Why a Business Must Have a Website

A lot of individuals go online to search for anything. Many are utilizing search engines to search for products and services instead of the yellow pages because it’s easier. The study shows that more than 60 percent of customers look for a local business online, and just 33 percent of them use the yellow pages.

The most significant reason why a business must have a website is marketing or advertising. The media of marketing have changed, starting from radios, print media to televisions, it has now reached to computers and each company must keep up with the newest trend. Marketing is incredibly essential in getting more clients, thus improving your company and gaining more revenue. Aside from that, with having a website you have a 24/7 advertisement on hand in any parts of the world.

Each company owner must take benefit of the powerful advertising opportunities which exists in having a website. There are lots of ways on how you could market your product or service online.

  • You can keep in touch with your clients all the time not compared to the restricted space you can obtain on a print advertisement.
  • Your website could serve as a booklet of your services and products
  • You could have About Us page wherein people can know more about your company and your services and products
  • You can also add contact us link wherein your clients can call you 24/7
  • Having a website you can list thorough information regarding hours of operations, deals and promotions or even address of your company.
  • Newsletters could be sent to your clients who have signed up on your website to inform them on a daily basis.
  • There’s no limit to the advertising opportunities with your site.
  • Your business will come out with search results that could bring its new clients
  • Business visibility is another reason why you must have a website. It is so easy for the clients know about your company and what you’re providing.
  • Simple to publish updates-clients will be capable to see what the latest development of your company is and hear regarding deals from your web site
  • Having a website could save you a significant amount of money in the long run for advertisements. A company website will let you save a significant amount of money on service or product advertisements, brochures, leaflets and many more. You can promote your services and products and give details associated with your business in your site without any additional expense.

It is very essential to get your company establish online as soon as possible. Through having a website presence, you can easily spread the word about your business. Online marketing is more focused to a specific audience. The customers who visit your site are there as they have a particular interest in your service or product that you can utilize to your benefit.

As a whole, a website can improve your company profit and at the same time generate new clients and keeping previous or regular clients up to date. It is a powerful marketing tool which cost very reasonable as opposed to other marketing medium.

If you want to learn how to create a website but not sure how to do coding, I recommend creating it with WordPress the self-hosted version. You can learn WordPress for free around the web, but if you’re the type who prefers taking a course, here are a few training providers teaching WordPress in Singapore:

WordPress Live Training:

WordPress online training:

Lynda.com WordPress Training

WordPress V 3.6 is Out!

The new wordpress version 3.6 is out! I’m talking about the wordpress.org self-hosted version. Not this blog that’s using wordpress.com.

There’s a ton of new features, honestly speaking, I like the new updates, especially the appearance => menus feature. More sleek, easier to use, and there’s going more to love.

Here is the link for the new wordpress 3.6 features:


Remember always to update your wordpress version whenever you see an update. This will minimize the chance for hackers to find a loophole and hack into your wordpress site. Another word of advice, install Better WP Security plugin to enhance your wordpress security.

Let’s see what else do we need to do… Oh yeah, also remember to backup your site frequently. Use the Duplicator Plugin to do your backups. Backup weekly, once a month, once a year, depending on how frequent you blog.

Remember, always save to be safe 🙂